At the beginning

I’ve always been way too obsessed with the “why” of things. As a kid “because I said so” never really cut it for me. Even now I have a hard time following instructions unless there’s a solid reason as to why. This obsession has leaked into many other aspects of my life.

In 2009 I lived in Prague for a semester. As many study abroad students do, I started a travel blog while I was there. The blog was supposed to be my outlet for describing all of the incredible places I traveled to. And of course, I wrote it with the hope that someday I’d be “discovered” by a travel company who loved my work and I’d get paid to travel.

Suffice it to say, this dream didn’t last. I realized very quickly that all of my friends had travel blogs with the exact same hopes and dreams as me. I tried to continue blogging but I couldn’t get past this idea that my blog no longer had a purpose. The only people who read it were my then boyfriend and my mom. It certainly wasn’t going to get me noticed by Frommer’s or National Geographic or anything. Plus it just wasn’t very good.

Recently though I was talking with a friend about our mutual interest in photography. Photography is another case where I can’t get past the “why”. I take thousands of photos on trips and I spend hours going through all of them, then I post them to Facebook all for what? A few likes?

But my friend pointed out that taking photos for him is what allows him to take a step back, breathe, and recognize the beauty in things around him. Which sounds incredibly corny, for sure, but it resonated with me in a way that nothing has in a long time. I realized that while photography is a good way to take a pause, writing (which is what I’ve always wanted to do) is a way for me to reflect.

And so even though I haven’t been “blogging” for the past 7 years or so, I still have a private collection of journals from every trip I’ve been on. I thought it might be fun to build on that material and bring back the blog that once was (revamped and modernized of course).

And thus, Kariba to Cusco.


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